Suzuki Outboard

Suzuki Outboard

You need to perform routine maintenance on your outboard motor to keep it in good working condition. It's crucial to maintain your engine in between services, as well as before and after every outing on the water. Maintenance promotes safe boating and can keep your motor reliable for a long time. Fortunately, the process to keep your outboard in top shape is easy, even if you're not a mechanic. In this guide, we'll walk you through some of the basic inspections and fixes you can carry out on your outboard motor.

#1 Flushing the engine

Flushing the engine is essential to keep your motor in top condition, especially if you use it in saltwater. This is because salt can corrode the aluminum that is found in the outboard motor. You need to flush the engine after every trip for the best result whether it was saltwater or freshwater trip.

#2 Clear the fuel line

After flushing, you need to burn off the residual fuel in the carburetor and the engine to prevent build up and performance problem. To clear the fuel line, unhook it and let the motor burn off the residual fuel to prevent it from sitting inside the motor engine. This process is done because fuel decays over time and using old fuel can leave more residues inside your engine as well as shorten its lifespan. Turn off the battery once that is done and make sure that you always use fresh fuel in your engine. 

#3 Inspect fuel line

Inspecting the fuel line during the boating season is part of maintaining your outboard motor. Look over the fuel line for any cracks and leaks. Check all fuel line fittings to make sure they are well sealed. Check the tank for any corrosion, and make sure there is no rust on the fuel clamps.

#4 Visual inspection

You can choose to inspect the outboard motor for any defects specifically at the joints where the parts come together once you finish this routine. One of the tasks you need to do is remove the cowling and check whether there are any leaks of either fuel or water. Consult a professional boat mechanic if you find out that there's a leak.

#5 Complete once-over

Finally, check the engine for signs of external and internal corrosion, although frequent spraying with silicone grease should prevent corrosion. Also, check the oil levels to confirm that it's not dark or sludgy. Replace according to the manufacturer's handbook or top up if it low.

What next?

You can carry out most of these tasks yourself, but if you're not comfortable with them or if you want to keep your outboard motor in top form, you will need to have a checkup at a professional repair facility. However, If you're still searching for the perfect engine, stop by Outboard Engines office in Upington Northern Cape for the best deal. We've got the best selection for you to choose from, including plenty of Mercury, Yamaha, and Suzuki outboard motors.



Suzuki Outboard
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