Mercury Outboard

Mercury Outboard

You can determine if an outboard motor is the most suitable fit for your boating needs by getting to understand the benefits. At Outboards Engines, we understand that when on the water, the right boat motors can make all the difference. That is why we continually add more outboard power to our line ups, some of which including Yamaha and Mercury outboard motors.

Do you want an easier to maintain motor?

Outboard motors are not just easier to maintain, but usually more straightforward to repair than any other type of boat motors because the engine is not in any confined compartment. The engine can also be removed from the boat when you need to repair it; this translate to less time spent at the mechanic and more time on the water. Compared to other types of boat motors, you can use outboard engines for more extended period without the fear of it freezing, because the cooling system drains totally after every use.


There is a considerable difference between the maneuverability and handling of a true outboard and inboard. A boat powered by inboard motor requires a bit of practice as it has a significant learning curve with respect to backing up, docking, and turning while in reverse. On the other hand, boats powered by outboard motors can be adjusted or completely lifted out of the water to avoid running ashore, and they are also easier to maneuver in shallow waters.

Do you want extra space?

With the outboard motor outback, there is more cockpit space you can use for storage. More storage is one of the most demanded features of a boat. An average boat owner needs as much room as he or she can get to enjoy a full day on the water.


The portability of outboard motors makes it easier for them to be moved from one boat to the other or into storage when not in use. The high level of portability is not an option which is available in other types of boat engines, making this type of boat engine an ideal choice for several boating uses.

Outboard advancement

Back in the day, you probably remember boats having a loud engine that drown out the sounds of everyone on board the boat. Now, you can barely hear noises coming from the outboard motors. There are extensive selections and several manufacturers to choose from, ranging from Yamaha to Mercury outboards. And you will be quite amazed at how quiet these outboard engines are.

The bottom line

There are several benefits to using outboard motors, and they are more than what we discussed above. If we have piqued your interest and you would like to know more about the benefits of this type of engine, please contact Outboards Engines at the location nearest to you or through our website.

We are a trusted dealer of Yamaha outboards because the brand has equipped us to sell the high-quality engines they produce. Let our experienced experts help you choose the right motor for you.


Mercury Outboard
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